Utah County

Resource Planning Priorities

Based on a public opinion survey, the County identified these as the “top 5” resource planning topics for data gathering purposes:

  1. Water Quality and Hydrology
  2. Air Quality
  3. Land Access
  4. Recreation and Tourism
  5. Land Use

However, when survey respondents rated 19 categories of resource topics on a 1-10 rating scale, the majority of the topics were rated above the scale midpoint, suggesting that survey respondents support a multiple use approach to county resource management planning. More details of the survey are summarized below.

Utah County’s Natural Resources

Existing Resource Planning

Existing federal, state, and county planning documents for Utah County were reviewed to identify existing goals and polices related to the CRMP planning topics. The planning matrix below categorizes the existing goals and policies from these plans by resource topic and can be used as resource in CRMP planning.

MAG Public Survey - Utah County

MAG Public Survey – Utah County

The three MAG counties solicited public comment through an on-line survey, implemented between June 29 and September 9, 2016. The public was notified of the availability of the survey through press releases, public service announcements, public meetings, public events, and other means. There were a total of 505 responses from Utah County residents.


Public Land Resource Values

The first survey question asked respondents to rank seven public land resource values from highest to lowest. On average, Utah County respondents ranked “protecting water quality” as the highest of the seven. “Maximizing natural resource development” ranked lowest.


Resource Management Planning Priorities

The next question asked respondents about county resource management planning priorities. Respondents rated 19 topics on a 1-10 scale. The majority of the topics were rated above the scale midpoint, suggesting that survey respondents support a multiple use approach to county resource management planning. Consistent with the first survey question, water quality was the highest rated topic. Predator control and mining, energy, and minerals were the only two topics that respondents rated below a 6 on the 1-10 scale, on average. This may possibly indicate that respondents do not perceive these to be major public land issues in Utah County, or that these resources are perceived to be less of a responsibility for the County.

Average Rating on 1-10 Scale (1 = Very Low Priority, 10 = Very High Priority)
Resource Planning TopicSummit CountyUtah CountyWasatch County
Water quality and hydrology9.18.68.5
Air quality8.87.98.4
Forestry and fire management8.37.87.4
Land use7.87.97.5
Wild and scenic rivers8.47.68.1
Wildlife and fisheries8.27.67.6
Land access7.17.87.5
Recreation and tourism7.47.57.7
Water rights, irrigation, ditches and canals7.57.57.3
Cultural, historical, geological, and paleontological resources7.67.17.4
Threatened, endangered, and sensitive species8.16.97.4
Wetlands and riparian areas8.26.67.3
Floodplains and river terraces7.46.76.8
Law enforcement on public lands6.96.76.6
Noxious weeds7.36.26.5
Agriculture, livestock, and grazing6.26.35.5
Predator control4.65.74.8
Mining, energy, and minerals including distribution3.85.14.0

Top 5 Resource Priorities

In the next survey question, respondents were asked to pick their “top 5” resource priorities from the 19 topics in the previous question. Water quality was the most frequently identified, followed by air quality, land access, recreation and tourism, and land use. Percentages of Utah County respondents selecting each of the 19 topics as one of their “top 5” planning priorities are presented in the graphic below.

Top 5 Resource Planning Topics
Summit CountyPercent
 Utah CountyPercent
 Wasatch CountyPercent Selecting
Water Quality and Hydrology66.9%Water Quality and Hydrology66.9%Water Quality and Hydrology67.9%
Wilderness48.1%Air Quality42.0%Air Quality47.2%
Air Quality45.9%Land Access42.0%Recreation and Tourism47.2%
Recreation and Tourism36.8%Recreation and Tourism40.6%Land Use47.2%
Wildlife, Fisheries34.6%Land Use39.8%Land Access45.3%


Survey Respondents

Of the 505 Utah County respondents, average length of residence in the county was 24 years, 55% were male, and 45% were female. Age of respondents is summarized in the graphic below.
MAG Plan Review Matrix - Utah County

MAG Plan Review Matrix – Utah County

Resource CategorySubcategoryGoals and PoliciesPlanPage